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F Hut Truckloads

All Truckloads come with a manifest and are F.O.B. St. Cloud MN. All prices are based on a % of retail.

Excess Quality Loads – All product on these loads are of first quality and in excellent condition.

Store Quality Loads – Includes product that is in good cosmetic condition, has all required pieces, warranties, instructions and is completely functional.  May also include products with minor visual flaws or imperfections.

Green Loads – These loads are classified as usable but have even more visual flaws. At least one third of the parts are missing and also at least one third of the functionality may be affected because of this.

Red Loads – These loads consist of products that may have a material defect and may be missing at least one third of the intended parts but still has more than half of the necessary parts for operation.

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