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Major Retailer

picture-4West Coast Surplus has offered Major Retailer Discount Store customer returns and marked out-of-stock product for twelve years.

  • Loads consist of anything and everything potentially found in a the retailers store with the exception of food. Approximately 20% on average is clothing.
  • We sell the loads as customer returns, but there is usually a great deal of “clearance” or “new” product on the pallets. Last year over 50% of all product shipped on salvage pallets was new.


  • Product is sold by the truckload only.
  • Merchandise needs to be delabeled prior to sale; i.e., all references to major retailer owned brands must be blacked out or cut out.
  • A delabeling contract must be signed prior to buying a load.
  • Product cannot be advertised as coming from the major retailer and the major retailers TM cannot be used.

How Truckloads are Sold

  • West Coast Surplus can ship out of 12 different hubs around the country.
  • There is no manifest (inventory) for the loads.
  • Loads consist of 28 pallets of assorted merchandise.
  • Pallets are five to six feet tall and shrink wrapped.
  • Average value of pallets at retail is approximately $2,500.00 – $3,000.00.
  • Pickups of all loads will be scheduled by West Coast Surplus.
  • We can arrange freight as requested. We simply get the best rate available to us and charge you up front. We do this as an accommodation.
  • You may make your own freight arrangements, but pick-ups must still be scheduled through us.
  • All product is sold “as is.”


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