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Major Retailer

West Coast Surplus has offered this major retailers customer returned and marked out-of-stock product for the past three years.

Product Type

  • Products consist of customer returned and marked out-of-stock merchandise.
  • Non-con loads consist mostly of ready to assemble furniture and other bigger items that do not readily fit on conveyer belts.
  • Usually loads are 90% ready to assemble furniture and include cribs, bookcases, etc.
  • Loads of women’s, men’s and children’s seasonal apparel.


  • Product is sold by the truckload only.
  • Merchandise needs to be delabeled prior to sale; i.e., all references to the Major retailer owned brands must be blacked out or cut out.
  • A delabeling contract must be signed prior to buying a load.
  • Product cannot be advertised as coming from the Major retailer and the the retailers TM’s may not be used.

How Sold

  • The loads are manifested and can be e-mailed in advance for review.
  • The loads are stored on 40 ft. storage trailers. Usually there are 16 to 18 pallets on a load.
  • We offer to consolidate two loads into one for a fee of $200.00. We hand stack the product, combining 32 to 36 pallets into a 53 ft. truck.


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